Monday, September 25, 2017

Innovation in Education #IMMOOC

I was SO cool.  When I went away to college I took this computer with me.  Had it in my dorm room. Was the envy of all of my typewriter-owning friends. I word-processed all of my papers on it.  I let others use it, inserting their own floppy disk, of course.  I could not afford a printer so I had to take the floppy into one of the computer labs to print my papers on the dot matrix and make sure I tore the dots off the sides.  I was SO cool.

Fast forward a couple of decades....

I just sent my firstborn off to college for the first time.  When we went shopping for computers (an item that was clearly expected for him to have), I was blown away by the number of options.  I have continued my love affair with apple for the many years since college but knew that we were looking for something different for Nate.  We came across this Lenovo Yoga.  A-MAZE-ING!  This thing is a laptop, a  tablet and everything in between.

I tell you these 2 stories not to demonstrate how old I am or how far computers have come but to make a point about innovation in education.  It is not about the stuff.  There was innovation in education LONG before the technology that we all use now.

I think that the innovation comes from the mindset of the educators.  Their willingness to try new things, explore and take chances are what moves the field of education forward.  Teachers' excitement when offered opportunity is a district's greatest asset.

The story of the 2 computers is relevant because I will say, even as an apple girl, my next computer may be a lenovo or whatever cooler version of it follows.  I would investigate it, not because of all the cool things that it does, but because of the possibilities it provides.

Possibilities for innovation.


  1. What a great post! I loved your point here, "I think that the innovation comes from the mindset of the educators." We bring life to any innovative idea. We can make a difference. Best wishes to your college-goer and to you in your next computer purchase! Thank you for participating in IMMOOC and sharing your reflections!