Sunday, October 23, 2016

5 for Friday (2 days late)

 I am participating in this week's 5 for Friday hosted by Doodle Bugs Teaching!  I am a former vigilant blogger that is hopping back in the saddle with my new blog and a new position in my district!  Come over and follow!

I have stepped out of the classroom for a couple of years to work in a new position as an Instructional Specialist.  I have started a NEW blog to chronicle all of the exciting things that my new job gives me the opportunity to do!  Follow me!

I have a Senior.  I can't believe it really.  The reality hits pretty hard when you are standing on the court during Senior Night.  Nate has played for his school's volleyball program for 6 years so it was a pretty great accomplishment.  I didn't cry.......much.

Did I mention that I have a Senior????  On top of attending the first of 4 Senior nights this year, I got his Senior pictures today.  I must have blinked.

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Have you read this book yet?  I am running a book study with a group of teachers in my district and we are focusing on this book.  We are learning how to integrate technology into classrooms.  I am traveling to Buffalo this week to see one of the authors speak about this book and am really excited to come back and share some great ideas!  I will be blogging about the conference and about each chapter as we journey through the school year.  Click on the image if you would like to purchase it from Amazon!

Tis the season for pumpkin..........everything........
This is a rough time of year for those of us that do not like pumpkin.........anything..........

Alas, soon it will be peppermint time. 


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